What is Check-MIG Colombia and do I need it?

The Colombia Check-MIG is an online form that serves as an obligatory health declaration for any person crossing the Colombian border, no matter if entering or leaving the country’s territory.
The form works as a safety measure during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, making it easier for the Colombian authorities to track any possible cases within the country and get in touch with travellers who may have gotten infected while reaching their destination.

The form is a quick-to-fill online declaration that must be completed within a time period of 24 hours to one hour before crossing the Colombian border.
Appropriate authorities do check if each person has their own confirmation of completing the Check-MIG form.

Completing the Colombian Check-MIG takes minutes and can be done using any device with an internet connection from any place.

Check Mig Colombia

Check Mig Colombia

How do I complete the Check-MIG form?

To complete the Check-MIG form with professional assistance of travel experts, you can use our website for a quick and intuitive application process.
Prepare the details of your upcoming trip (to or from Colombia) and using any device with a stable internet connection complete the form by providing the required information.
Completing this step should not take you longer than a few minutes, but do make sure to double-check the given information to ensure it’s free from any possible mistakes or errors before submission.

Next, cover the service fee and wait for a confirmation email to be delivered. Once the email containing your confirmation of Check-MIG completion arrives, print it out and present to the border officials upon your travel.

Information to provide in the Colombian Check-MIG form

Travelers completing the Check-MIG form must provide relevant information regarding:

  • Their upcoming trip to or from Colombia, including the approximate time of crossing the border, point of border crossing, way of travel etc.
  • Their personal and contact details
  • Their health status, including Covid-19-related information

Providing correct and up-to-date information can only speed up the border processes, as well as the time in which the Colombian Check-MIG is being processed.
Make sure to check your completed form thoroughly and look for any mistakes or missing information to have your form processed as quickly as possible and cross the Colombian border without encountering any problems.

The correct information also helps the Colombian Government in keeping the Covid-19 situation within their country under control.

Check mig colobia application form

Check MIG

What happens after I submit my application?

The Colombian authorities process your online application and issue a confirmation of completing the Colombian Check-MIG.

The confirmation is then delivered to your email address provided while completing the application form.

Providing a correct email address is crucial to receive the needed document on time. Double-check which email address you provide and make sure it does not contain any errors or misspellings since this could lead to your confirmation not being delivered.

Print out the received document or save it as an electronic copy to be able to present it to the Colombian border officials when crossing the border.